Holiday lunch♪
Holiday lunch♪


Yesterday was a regular holiday and the weather was good, so we went to lunch!

The person who disturbed me was "Kamameshi Nakai" in Okutama.

About 30 minutes by car from our company, the mushroom kamameshi and mizutaki were excellent.

Next time, I'm going to aim for spring-limited bamboo shoots!

A little detour on the way home...

This is "Cafe Shizuku" near Sawanoien, which is famous for sake.

Tofu cheesecake and gateau chocolate, both sweet and delicious!

The terrace seats along the river are also stylish, and I would like to visit again when it gets warmer.

There are still interesting shops and cafes along the way... Okutama is a good place again!

I would like to go for a drive again

Look forward to the next time♪



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