Last year's company trip to Gero Onsen
Last year's company trip to Gero Onsen


On last year's company trip, we went to Gero Onsen together with our signboard dogs, Hime and Tono!

The photo was taken in Shirakawa-go.

A foreign tourist took a picture of dogs when I was putting two of them on a cart.

Even when we take them to a dog run, they  ignores other dogs and goes first to show affection to humans... It's not bait...

There is an inn where dogs can stay in Gero, and after soaking in the hot springs for dogs,

we came back feeling refreshed.

It was a trip that was healed by all the employees, good hot water and delicious food.

I wonder if I can go anywhere this year...

Look forward to the next time♪



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