Our blog started!
Our blog started!

Hello everyone (^^)

This time, I-Plan Co., Ltd. has opened an employee blog!

About three times a week, I would like to send out recommended property information and the daily life of the employees led by the cheerful president.

Our company has 5 employees and 2 mascot dogs, and we spend each day in a friendly atmosphere. We will do our best to update it so that we can convey the charm of our company to those who are interested!

For the memorable first time, I will introduce poster dogs~♪

Their names are Tono (gray ♂)  and Hime (brown ♀).

Toy Poodle is 7 years old and has the opposite personality, and has a solid hierarchical relationship (Hime is completely above).

Both of them are friendly, so please take care of them when you meet them .

Please look forward to next time~♪



****Please feel free to contact i-Plan Co., Ltd. for real estate and room searches around Ome city♪****