Egg road
Egg road


The other day, I took out the 15 o'clock snack dashi-wrapped eggs and pudding at Okutama dashi roll specialty store "Egg Road (Runway)"!

Egg road and runway! It's a stylish name ☆

It was right next to JR Ome Line Furusato Station, and there were many autographs of Hirnandez and celebrities in the store!

I've visited you for lunch before.

There are three types of dashi-wrapped eggs, Fukami eggs, white eggs, and crow bone chicken, and I always wonder which one to use (laughs).

All of them are plump, fluffy, and thick、、!

I was (^O^) happy to be able to taste it even for takeout.

It seems that the cumulative sales of pudding have exceeded 50,000 units,

Even though there is no caramel, it is sweet and it is the most delicious pudding I have ever eaten ☆

There were still many shops in Okutama, so I (^^) would like to open it again.

If you have a chance, please try it ♪.


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