Strawberry picking
Strawberry picking


The other day, on the day of the spring equinox, I ♪ went strawberry picking in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture.

On this day, you can eat all-you-can-eat two varieties, Akihime and Beni-cheekpe,

I ate 40 of them (laughs).

Around Hanazono Strawberry Garden, there is an agricultural cooperative, a large park, a facility where you can buy souvenirs, and a kitchen car.

I was ♪ able to enjoy it without getting tired even if I stayed for half a day

I thought it was also a good point to be able to stand without crouching!

I bought strawberries as a souvenir and went home, but they were (^^) sweet, big and delicious☆

It's getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are blooming, so I want to ♪ go cherry blossom viewing next time.


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