Recommended Apartments♪
Recommended Apartments♪

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce an apartment.(*^^*)

Panoramic river view on all sides! In spring, cherry blossom trees line the street below!
Feel like living in a resort while living in Tokyo! Please feel free to contact us for more information.


■ address:1-846-1 Kabe-machi, Ome-shi, Tokyo
■ Means of transportation:13-minute walk from Kabe Station on the JR Ome Line

■ Price:16,800,000Yen ■administrative expenses:14,500Yen/month ■deposit:13,000Yen/month
■ Exclusive area:wall core68.40㎡ ■ balcony:8.49㎡

■ land claim:ownership
■ plan of a house:3LDK( sum 6 Western 5・6 LDK 14.5 )
■ Building Structure:RC ■ Stories/floors:5 stories / 3 floors

■ Main light surface:facing south
■ Total number of houses:20 door
■ Year Built:Aug. 1986

■ Remodeling History:■kitchen, etc.・Mar. 2023 Kitchen Bathroom Toilet Washroom Water supply and drainage pipes
                 ■interior・Mar. 2023 All interior surfaces(Floors, walls, ceilings, fittings) 

■ present condition:vacant or unoccupied room(Hard at work remodeling!)
■ feature:No front building

■ equipment:Auto bath Bathroom dryer Over 3 burner stove System kitchen Water purifier Air conditioner Intercom with monitor Elevator

■ management style:wholly outsourcing Management staff work schedule:day shift proprietary company:Daikyo Astage Management Association 
■ delivery:consultation


Suitable for remote work! Please feel free to contact us for more information.★




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