A popular ramen shop ♪ loved by locals
A popular ramen shop ♪ loved by locals

For lunch the other day, I went to Umehamatei, which I had been interested in for a long time!

The soup is different from the soy sauce feeling that is punchy and punchy like the usual family lineage.

Is the first bite thin? It was so light in the mouth that I thought!

This husband became independent after training at "Tonpatatei" in Yokohama,

It seems that the couple is currently running the business, and the shop had ♪ a warm atmosphere.

On this day, when I finished eating and left the store, there was a line.

It is (^^) recommended to go early

After eating ramen, we ate ♪ gelato at Tokyo Milk on the way back from visiting the land of Mizuho.

I often go to this shop, but on this day, I chose (^O^)/ the cherry blossom flavor that seems to be the current season.

It will be warm in the coming season, so I will go a lot. smile


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