Hello (^^) everyone

The other day, my friend and I went to the "Louvre Museum Exhibition ~Painting Love~" held at the New National Museum.

I've had ♪ an elegant holiday

The highlights of this art exhibition are:

Carefully selected from the Louvre's world-class collection of paintings,
All 73 masterpieces of "love" are gathered in one place!
Through the theme of "love", from masterpieces known to hidden masterpieces,
Exhibitions with new discoveries and encounters, including works that were shown for the first time in Japan.
Among them, the crown jewel of 18th century French painting,
Fragonard's "Kannuki" comes to Japan for the first time in 26 years!

The love of the ancient gods, the love of Christianity, the love of lovers, the love of the family,
Sensual love and so on,

There were also various forms of love and Japan that were shown for the first time, which was (^^) a lot of fun.

After you finish watching, there are many goods such as bags, umbrellas, key chains, and bookmarks.

It was an art exhibition that you can enjoy until the end!

Among them, Amor's picture was so cute that I bought a small painting so that I could display it in the room with a bookmark (laughs).

When I was a student, I went to the Louvre on a school trip in Paris.

I remember being overwhelmed, so I wanted ♪ to go to Paris again.

This one is open until June 12th, so if you are interested, please go there!


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